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Delighted to be invited to speak at HOST2020 - the world’s leading short stay accommodation business management and technology event.

HOST has been designed to help all accommodation services and partners to fully capitalise on this growing $194 billion market.

Grazia Magazine - October 2019

Image 14-11-2019 at 10.45.jpg
Image 14-11-2019 at 10.45.jpg


I hate to say it kids, but it's not enough to simply go somewhere unexceptionally 'nice' anymore. Oh no. Instagram went and ruined that for all of us. But Airbnb saved the day! Then came the tricky dilemma of where are the coolest Airbnbs? What are the best Airbnbs to stay in? What are the most unique Airbnbs around in 2019? Fear not: we're here to answer all your questions and help you find somewhere that occupies that impossible space of being both nonchalantly low-key but photogenically extra at the same time. It's a tall order.

It's also a load of rubbish and more often than not requires lots of money, lots of time and the level of patience that none of us are really all that willing to commit to. Nevertheless, in the quest for the perfect photo-friendly holidays at the trendiest of destinations across the world, it's easy to overlook the little old UK.

Believe it or not, there are loads of super pretty places lurking around here too and Airbnb holds the key to some of the best of them. So if you're after a dreamy little holiday that doesn't require anywhere near the level of admin that it does to pop over to snap that sunset silhouette in Singapore, we've got you covered. No plane required.

Here are the most beautiful Airbnbs to book for your low-key photogenic mini break without having to go that far.

featured by THE METRO paper - WIMBLEDON WEEK 2019



'If you're looking for more of a tournament than a one -on-one match... this is the place to do it. This rambling country escape can sleep over 16 people - perfect for a summer getaway with your gang of pals extended family..

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