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Autumn is in the air. Apples are ripening on the trees, the meadow is busy seeding for next year. Around us the harvests are finally in. The air is still warm and the meadow is alive. Here at Piper, we love it. The season of ice and pearl blue vast Lincolnshire skies is on the horizon but, it is still softer blue now, with autumn gold tinging the edges.

Why not plan an autumn getaway, or a gathering to celebrate and spend time with loved ones in a space that's just quirky enough. Book now and put something in the diary to look forward to.

Whether you are into long walks and pub lunches, shops and markets in the beautiful Georgian town of Stamford or if you just feel like taking time to tuck yourself away from the hurly burly with a book, Piper House is a perfect spot to take a moment to relax, wander listening in the meadow, or just curl up in the sunshine and enjoy the last of the long summer days unfolding.

A welcoming and incredibly warm house with space - inside and outside - for everyone, a place where you & your family can take time to decompress and reconnect, and be just far enough from home to feel like a holiday. 



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